100,000 pension details on Deloitte stolen laptop

Details of more than 100,000 company pensions have been stolen from a
Deloitte staffer after her laptop was snatched in a handbag theft.

The computer had the pension holders’ names, National Insurance numbers and
salary details stored on it but Deloitte has said that there was a ‘very very
low’ risk of anyone being able to access the information,
Press Association

Deloitte said in a statement: ‘A handbag with a Deloitte laptop in it was
stolen from a public place in September. The laptop held information which
included employee details of individuals from a number of Deloitte’s clients. It
did not include addresses or bank account information.

‘The theft was immediately reported to the police and relevant clients were

‘The laptop was protected by a number of security measures, including start
up password, operating system user ID / password authentication and encryption.

‘Deloitte has information security policies which include guidelines for
employees to ensure they pay close attention to their laptops when in public

‘Nevertheless, and very unfortunately, this theft still occurred. We believe
that the likelihood of unauthorised access to the data held on this laptop is
remote due to the opportunistic nature of the theft and the security controls.’

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