E-commerce fuels optimism of entrepreneurs in 2000

Almost half of respondents confirmed their belief that the economy will improve, a dramatic change when compared to January 1999 when only 26% of entrepreneurs were optimistic about the future economy.

E&Y national head of entrepreneurial services, who is also in charge of the Entrepreneur of the Year programme, said: ‘E-commerce is undoubtedly fuelling some of this optimism – not only in respect of new Internet businesses but also the vast range of opportunities e-commerce presents to established growth focused on entrepreneurs.’

The survey revealed that among the economy’s risk-takers, growth is the most pressing issue (20%) followed by recruiting key personnel (18%).

More than half of those surveyed also said they were planning to raise funds over the next two years. This was shown to be particularly the case in Scotland (61%), who were also the most optimistic about improvements in the economy.

The main reason for raising money was to fund capital expenditure or expansion plans (50%), for acquisition (39%), or to expand into new markets (34%).

Not everyone will be able to pan the e-commerce gold

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