Anstee: what they said about him

Controversial and headstrong, Eric Anstee has always been a man to provoke
strong opinions, and Accountancy Age has never been short on readers’
letters on the ICAEW’s first ever chief executive.

Here is what readers have had to say about Anstee:

‘Much as I admire Anstee, his position has become untenable after losing the
CIPFA ballot and now talking of bringing it back to members. You cannot trample
the over membership and treat the institute in such a high-handed way. The will
of the executive must not be seen to dominate that of the membership.

Neil Mounter after Anstee announced plans to pursue the CIPFA merger

‘The ICAEW does not need another vote, but a radical overhaul and change of
its leadership – that is, those who failed should go.’

Ken Frost on Anstee and the failed merger.

‘We would like to express our personal support for these proposals and then
vote to ensure the modern profession can be represented in all sectors of the

John Connolly, Mike Rake, Nick Land, Kieran Poynter, Jeremy Newman and
Michael Cleary, the heads of the six biggest firms in the UK, throw their
support behind Anstee’s vision for a merger with CIPFA.

‘I have been following the institute merger saga with disbelief and horror,
and only now can breathe out with relief, as the merger appears to be dead.’

Peter Morris gives a different view on Anstee’s aims.

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