Govt accused of trying to delay tax credits report

The Liberal Democrats have accused the government of holding back on
publishing a report into fraud and error in HM Revenue & Custom’s tax credit

According to the party’s work and pensions spokesman, David Laws, the report
has already been completed and if it is not published soon, will look likef a
cover up, the Guardian reported.

Laws claimed the Treasury was holding it back to avoid embarrassment.

HMRC chairman, Sir David Varney, admitted in a recent Treasury committee
session that real impact of fraud was ‘significantly” higher’ than the original
estimate of £460m, wile an investigation by the BBC last week found that tax
credit officials had granting some 2,700 immigrants payments based on national
insurance numbers as the only form of identification.

A Treasury spokesman denied that the government was holding the report back
deliberately and recalled Dawn Primarolo, the paymaster general’s comments in
the Commons that it will be published shortly, although no date has been named.

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