Taking Stock – Mr Livingstone I presume?

What it is to be well known and recognised by one’s peers.[QQ] There’s nothing like a little bit of celebrity to reassure the budding director he is having an impact and his work is not going unnoticed. And so it is with Ken Gill, director of education and training at CIPFA. Since being put in place Ken has almost single handedly turned around the appalling down turn in the institute’s fortunes by recruiting an awful lot more students. Ken is the man who made training with CIPFA popular. Pity so many seem have trouble recognising Ken for who he is. Take for instance last week, CIPFA’s annual conference, where the institute’s daily conference magazine, Public Finance, seemed to lose all knowledge of Ken. In one of its own daily conference reports it published a photo of Ken but captioned the portrait Quentin Langley, who is the institute’s new public affairs supremo. Then later in the day Steve Bundred, chief executive of Camden Council, was wrapping up Ken Livingstone’s speech to delegates when he forgot who was sitting next to him on the podium and called him Ken Gill. TS knows who you are Ken Gill. We know what you’ve done and we’re looking for another free lunch when you’re next in London.

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