Revenue CIO may come from big business

Link: CIO needed for merged Revenue and Customs

Today, DWP said that former global chief operating officer of ICI Paints Joe Harley, will take responsibility for the £3bn IT programme underway in the department.

Harley is tasked with improving IT delivery within the DWP, which has been suffered from the on-going problems with the IT systems at the Child Support Agency.

The decision to hire Harley continues a trend of making high-level IT appointments outside of the civil service.

Former management consultant, Richard Granger, took charge of the £2.3bn IT modernisation programme for the NHS in 2002.

Other positions, such as the head of e-government and the chief information officer for the merged Inland Revenue and HM Customs and Excise are expected to go to candidates from outside the civil service.

Last weekend the position of CIO to take charge of integrating IT systems at a merged tax body was advertised in the Sunday Times.

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