Accountants want Cable as chancellor

Vince Cable has emerged as the accountants’ choice for the next Chancellor
following the pre-Budget report.

In a poll of around 600 readers conducted by both before
and after the pre-Budget report, the Liberal Democrat deputy leader and shadow
chancellor proved popular with members of the profession, with 44% and 45% of
voters wanting him as next chancellor rather than political rivals Alistair
Darling and George Osborne.

While the chances of the Liberal Democrats winning the general election
outright next year are virtually nil, they could hold the balance of power in a
hung parliament. Some have suggested that Labour or the Conservative party could
bring the Lib-Dems on board by offering Cable the role of chancellor.

The biggest loser in the PBR with accountants has been George Osborne. Before
the chancellor’s statement, the Tory’s opposite number topped the poll with 45%
of the votes. But his response to the statement failed to impress, and his share
of the vote dropped to 38%.

Current chancellor Alistair Darling did see a boost in his popularity
following his speech, but still lags far behind his rivals with just 17% of the

Our poll results: Who do you want as the next chancellor?


George Osborne 45%

Vince Cable 44%

Alistair Darling 10%

Post PBR

Vince Cable 45%

George Osborne 38%

Alistair Darling 17%

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