Obama publishes his tax records

Hillary Clinton is under pressure to reveal her tax records after Barack
Obama published the last seven years of his tax records on his website.

Obama suggested that his rival Democrat could be delaying the publication of
her own records as she could have something to hide.

His records, for the years 2000 to 20006, show his personal income with his
wife Michelle increased in 20005, co-inciding with his first book, Dreams of My
Father – which earned £600,000.

His income increased again in 2006 following the release of his second book,
The Audacity of Hope, which earned more than £250,000.

Obama’s pressure on Clinton, following the recent media fire over his close
relationship with controversial preacher Jeremiah Wright, could finally turn
attention away from scrutiny of his relationship with Wright.

‘Releasing tax returns is a matter of routine. We believe the Clinton
campaign should meet that routine standard now,’ said Obama spokesman Robert

Clinton’s camp insisted her records will shortly be open to the public.

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