IR35 appeal delayed till December

The appeal was due to begin in the Court of Appeal on Tuesday next week, but according to the PCG, will now run from 4 to 6 December.

PCG spokeswoman Susie Hughes reaffirmed the anti-IR35 campaigner belief in the strength of its case.

Referring to the April ruling, which found in favour of the Revenue, Hughes said: ‘The judge found in our favour on the fact of the case, but not on the point of law.

‘We hope the appeal will make this next step.’

At the same time there appears to be some confusion over the reason for the postponement. The PCG said the case had been delayed at the Revenue’s request because its barrister had another case on at the same time.

However a spokesperson for the Revenue denied it had made the request, saying it was the Court of Appeal judge that had asked for the date to be moved.


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