First UK domain protector launch.

The first UK company to provide website domain asset management services launched this week – as a survey found 71% of companies have never audited their domain names for balance sheet purposes, writes Alex Miller.

DomainAudit aims to provide protection for businesses’ most important online assets – their domain names.

Derek Everitt, CEO and co founder of DomainAudit, said: ‘Corporate, brand, service and product domain names are highly valuable commercial and financial assets.

Everyone seems to recognise their worth but no one was offering a way to manage these assets.

‘Just as you audit your clients’ financial accounts and other assets you can now audit their domain assets, online, working with them to develop a clear strategy for the management of their domain assets.’

Everitt added the company would offer a single source for the entire range of tasks related to owning and managing a portfolio of domain names – most companies search for and register domain names.

Meanwhile, the NOP survey of senior figures in the UK top 100 accounting firms, 88% believed domain names were a financial asset yet 71% said their clients had never audited them.

Boost for web name sales

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