Banks deny Parmalat charges

Banks would not have lent money to Parmalat if they thought it was in
trouble, lawyers argued yesterday on the first day of the trial of four
investment banks over their role in the milk company’s collapse.

‘Neither Citigroup nor its employees did anything wrong… Why would the bank
have lent $500 million to Parmalat if it thought it was in trouble?’ asked Nerio
Dioda, the lawyer for the bank, on the first day of the trial in Milan,

Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, UBS and Morgan Stanley have all been sent to trial,
on charges that they manipulated the market by withholding information about
Parmalat’s problems.

The company collapsed in 2003 after disclosing a huge accounting black hole.

The charges of market manipulation carry a potential sentence of up to 12
years, and fines for the banks of up to €1m for each count.

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