Suits no longer necessarily suit, says institute chief as Androids go casual

In a statement released this afternoon, English ICA secretary general John Collier said: ‘I was interested to see that Arthur Andersen has adopted a new dress code policy.

‘The traditional image of chartered accountants as ‘men and women in suits’ is not one that reflects the dynamic nature of our profession. Much of what we do is client focused and the appropriateness of our attire should reflect this relationship.’

His statements follow the announcement of a major brand and image makeover by Arthur Andersen, including a new orange circle which replaces its double doors logo.

Part of the makeover includes allowing male staff to stop wearing suits. The philosophy behind this is that staff at the Big Five firm should dress more ‘appropriately’ for clients, many of whom, it appears, have also dropped formal business attire.

Insiders insist this is not an entirely new departure. Consulting staff have not been required to wear a suit for some time, while accounting staff have been allowed the dubious pleasures of ‘dress-down Fridays’.

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