BA-Iberia team-up puts FD job in the spotlight

BA’s advances towards spanish carrier Iberia may spark a battle for the CFO
position of the merged company.

Keith Williams has been CFO since 2006 but
have said the Spanish company may insist on having one of its
own in the key position if the deal is to be pushed through.

Williams is in a strong position having joined the airline in 1998 as head of
taxation. He was appointed group treasurer in 2000.

It will take several months to hammer out merger terms and finalise a joint
business and integration plan for the combined group, BA said.

British Airways’ chief executive, Willie Walsh, said: ‘The aviation landscape
is changing and airline consolidation is long overdue. The combined balance
sheet, anticipated synergies and network fit between the airlines make a merger
an attractive proposition, particularly in the current economic environment. [BA
has] had a successful relationship with Iberia for a decade and are confident
that both companies’ shareholders would benefit from the proposed tie-up.’

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