Tax returns reveal massive pay rise for GPs

An in-depth study of GP’s tax returns has shown that they are making an
average of £106,000 after hammering out a new contract with their NHS

The analysis, compiled by number-crunchers at the
NHS’ Information Centre department on
2004-2005 statistics, identified a rise of 30.4% in a year for GP’s
earnings. Those who also dispensed medicines from their practices earned
£128,000 on average, corresponding to a wage hike of 31.4% compared with the
year before.

British Medical Association chiefs
defended the increase, believing that GPs had been ‘underpaid and undervalued
for many years’, The Guardian reported.

Matthew Elliott, chief exec of the
Taxpayers Alliance believed the
practitioners were entitled to a wage which reflected their efforts but
maintained that the increase  ‘didn’t seem very fair’.

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