Students’ festive cheer.

Too many English ICA students were unable to apply practical experience and auditing knowledge, said examiners after the latest round of examinations. Successful students celebrated in the pouring rain in central London last Friday evening as the results were revealed. Among them was Louis Lenette, who works for Ernst & Young and passed all his exams, enabling him to move to a new post in Australia. He said: ‘I’m so relieved. You never know what will happen.’ The pass rate among the 2,366 students taking the TC2 exam was 62%, and 72% for the 2,537 sitting the full FAE. The pass rates were in line with expectations, but head of education Paul Mallinson drew attention to problems with the case study in auditing and financial reporting. Nick Brand, Charlotte Worthington and Miranda McMicking (pictured left) of PricewaterhouseCoopers were among the best placed.

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