Former ICAEW president against euro

A former president of the English ICA and partner at KPMG, Lady Noakes is currently chief non-executive director at the Bank of England, which claims to have a neutral stance on the single european currency. Weekend press reports in the Sunday Business and the Daily Mail said that Lady Noakes – accountant Sheila Masters – could now resign from the position which requires her to deputise for Bank governor Sir Eddie George.

Three hundred names appeared in advertisements funded by pressure groups Business for Sterling and New Europe in support of the anti-euro campaign.

The advert said: ‘We, the above names, do not wish Britain to be locked into the euro, leading to higher taxes and employment costs and the wrong interest rate risking a return to boom and bust.’

It also stated: ‘We sign in a personal capacity. Company names and positions are shown for information only and do not necessarily indicate a corporate position.’ No job title appeared next to Lady Noakes’ name.

Her term at the Bank is due to end in May 2001 – six years after joining the Bank board.

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