Capello faces £7.5m Italian tax bill

England manager Fabio Capello could be facing a tax bill of up to £7.5m when
Italian authorities conclude their inquiry into his finances later this month.

The investigation centres around his failure to declare £7.5m in income
between 2000 and 2005, half of which was severance payments from his former
employer AS Roma.

Italy’s tax police, the Guardia di Finanza, have been looking into Capello’s
offshore interests, and the amount it plans to seek from him is made up of
unpaid tax, fines and interest.

A senior investigator told
Sunday Times
: ‘Our belief is that setting up companies outside Italy enabled
Capello not to declare all his earnings.’

Alberto Moro Visconti, Capello’s lawyer, said: ‘It’s very difficult to make
comments in this affair because the tax police have not yet filed their report.
We don’t know what conclusions they reach and how. I can only say that we are
certain that all the taxes that had to be paid were paid. We have not evaded

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