Firms revamp ethical training

The ICAEW’s new ethical training programme will be launched at the beginning of August, and includes specific PC-based training.

However, firms are planning to go beyond the institute’s requirements, providing additional guidance on how to behave in front of clients.

‘We need to embed ethics into our training from the very beginning,’ Ted Awty, KPMG’s head of audit told Accountancy Age. ‘It is not something you can just bolt on,’ he added.

The ICAEW guidance is aimed at building on the real-life experiences. ‘There is much greater emphasis on linking learning with real problems and dilemmas,’ said Brian Chiplin, the instituteås director of education and training.

‘Staff need to be able to identify the ethical issues and look for solutions,’ he said. Chiplin stressed the guidance was under constant review and that the ICAEW was taking steps to ensure it was consistent with other European institutes.

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