Download KPMG’s masterpiece


A few weeks ago TS reported the KPMG anthem had been hijacked by DJ COntaX and re-mixed into a jungle rap version. Now news reaches us that the dirge has gone through the mixers yet again to re-emerge as the ‘teutonic megamix’ – a rather disturbing Wagnerian version with a strong military beat.

The initial reaction from KPMG was one of stunned silence, followed by an admission that it was not as pretty as other versions – there is also a hard rock mix doing the rounds.

It gets worse. On the same website (www.corporate it is now possible to download the masterpiece as a Nokia ringtone.

A spokesperson for KPMG said he was not aware of anyone using it, ‘but it’s nice to know the option is out there’. KPMG’s march-along anthem is currently in the top spot on the site’s chart, but PricewaterhouseCoopers is hard on its heels, with ‘Your World’ sitting pretty at No 3.

But PwC might not be too impressed with the website’s verdict. Corporateanthems says it is ‘truly awful’.

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