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This week Basda chief executive Dennis Keeling talks about the possibilities in the underdeveloped retail software market.

Will Advanced Paypoint Solutions find it easy to recruit its target of 25 Sage Line 100 resellers?

I would have thought the company would find the target relatively straightforward as the resellers are always looking to maximise their sales opportunities.

How does the UK compare with the rest of Europe in terms of SME shop retail software?

We are lagging behind the rest of Europe in this sector. In terms of the larger supermarket software we are a lot more advanced.

If the rest of Europe is ahead of us, are we likely to see an influx of European companies into the market?

This is not likely to be a challenge for the UK resellers. Traditionally the market has always been very country-based.

How competitive is the retail IT environment?

This is a growth market and there are not that many players in it at the moment.

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