Concerns grow as two new viruses spread

Link: Virus alerts

McAfee’s AVERT anti-virus division raised the risk assessment to medium on both of the recently found viruses as they begin to spread.

The latest Bagle mutant, W32/, also known as, is a mass-mailing worm that is packed using UPX and comes in the form of a password-protected .ZIP file, with the password included in the message body as plain text or within an image.

McAfee reported that it has received ‘numerous reports’ of the virus being spotted or infecting users – with most of the reports arriving from Japan, Australia, Germany and the UK.

AVERT also warned on the W32/ infection, a worm that spreads via vulnerable systems on the web or local area network, as well as email, sending itself to addresses found on the victim’s machine in the form of a .ZIP archive, or as an .PIF or .SCR file. It can also exploit the MS03-026 Windows vulnerability.

The security firm said that it first saw the worm yesterday, but has already received over 100 samples of infections from both real customer submissions and virus-generated mail from customers in Japan, Europe and the US.

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