ACCA president pushes for global change

Link: ACCA comes out against disclaimers

Wong, who took over from Jonathan Beckerlegge two weeks ago, stressed the ACCA’s backing for a ‘planned pan-European mechanism’ responsible for co-ordinating national auditing bodies across the EU.

Writing in the FT today, Wong who hails from Hong Kong, said the EC should be doing more to encourage a ‘common governance framework for European listed companies’.

‘ACCA accepts that there are significant differences in business law and culture within the EU but creating a single financial market demands comparable governance mechanisms including common principles for disclosing corporate governance performance and protecting shareholder rights,’ Wong said.

He said international standards in auditing should become a feature of all developed, developing and transitional markets and pointed to reforms taking place in his home country China and Malaysia.

He said a country like South Africa was ‘ahead of the game’ in its embracing corporate social responsibility, something which had failed to register with the corporate governance agenda in the US or the EU.

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