Britain slow on broadband, says Cisco

Director of marketing for Cisco Nigel Moulton said that while France and Ireland are spending a fortune building superfast gigabit ethernet backbones between their cities, the UK is concentrating on slower technology.

Moulton said that Britain was ignoring EU funding for such backbones where as France, Ireland and some parts of the EU were setting up much better broadband structures with the cash.

‘I’m not sure the UK Government has a co-ordinated approach to applying for EU funding,’ he said.

But as a result other countries will be able to provide broadband cheaper he said.

‘In Italy, internet service provider FastWeb is delivering high-speed access to apartment blocks in Milan. As well as offering customers 20 times the speed of current ADSL services, it also offers low cost internet telephony and video-on-demand for a monthly fee of around £13,’ he said.

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