Strategic thinking is key to communication

The survey of internal communications managers in over 100 firms also showed that being skilled in writing, speaking and research are no longer seen as adequate. A grasp of business and strategic issues is now seen as essential.

“In good times or bad, an internal communications strategy, tailor-made to support corporate goals and developed by highly skilled communications professionals, is critical to success,” said Simon Lancaster, director of publishing at Business Intelligence.

“This report reveals why it is vital that the internal communication function is involved in formulating corporate strategy as well as communicating it.”

Surprisingly, HR staff take up only 10% of positions as internal communications professionals, compared to 26% from marketing and 22% from public affairs and journalism. The report also shows that 15% of British internal communications departments have the relevant professional qualifications, compared to half of overseas firms.

Globalisation, changing technology, the mobility of workers and changing attitudes towards work are transforming internal communication, says the report.

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