German merger creates new top ten super-firm

The merger of four firms in Germany will lead to the creation of a combined
entity big enough to challenge the top ten.

The four firms, within the PKF International network, will create a top ten
accounting firm with an estimated turnover of €58m (£52m).

The new firm will be called PKF Fasselt Schlage, and is headquartered in
Berlin with 14 offices in Germany employing around 600 staff of whom over 180
are qualified professional experts including certified public accountants, tax
consultants, lawyers.

Wolfgang Hofmann, chairman of the PKF International Board and PKF Fasselt
Schlage Partner in Frankfurt, said the merger would increase the presence of the
PKF brand in the German marketplace.

“It is a positive message that member firms who have worked together closely
before have now joined forces to create a new and stronger single entity,” he

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