Saffery Champness increases remote working capabilities

A new Saffery Champness IT contract will provide improved remote working
capabilities for staff allowing the firm to take steps towards a possible
expansion into online services.

Its recent partnership with Convergence, the communication software company,
will see the firm use a different network enabling data to be moved around
systems more freely, making them easily transferable to online applications.

The company has said it will be using a Multiprotocol Label Switching
network, which allows information to be moved around more freely to ease
congested systems and network failures.

MLS networking is generally used to give a system greater flexibility to move
applications online as well as scale down or increase capacity.

David Farnan, IT partner at Saffery Champnes said some of the factors
considered when taking up the contract with Convergence was its track record as
well as a recommendation from its current IT partners Softcat, who provide
in-house hardware and security solutions.

‘Convergence also demonstrated an understanding of our requirements from a
commercial as well as a technical point of view’ he added.

The top 20 firm has announced that it is enhancing its voice communications
and remote access software.

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