Accountant takes forces help role

David Ashman, chairman of Kent-based Reeves & Neylan LLP, has been
appointed as national Hon. Treasurer of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and
Families Association or SSAFA – Forces Help.

Ashman comes from the Kent Branch of SSAFA where he has been treasurer for 22
years and became a trustee of the charity 7 years ago. He also has a number of
charity and ‘not for profit’ organisations among his client base.

Ashman said he is delighted to have been appointed to the post, particularly
as the need for such charities grows more pertinent.

‘Our forces are under great operational pressure and it is a privilege to
support SSAFA’s volunteers who do so much to assist serving and ex-service men,
women and their families in need,’ he said.

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