IT File – Computer Providers – PC producers woo with style.

Personal computer makers Dell and Gateway are attempting to woo business users with colourful and stylish PCs.

Gateway yesterday unveiled its Profile 3 machine, an all-in-one desktop PC with a built-in flat-panel LCD monitor and a Pentium III processor.

The all-in-one feature pushes the price up to $1999 (£1,380), at least $500 more than a similarly configured Performance PC with separate monitor.

The Profile 3 comes with an 866Mhz Pentium III processor, 15in LCD display, 128Mb of memory and a 20Gb hard drive.

Dell, which earlier this year pulled the plug on its all-in- one WebPC, said it does not want to charge its business customers more for its ‘Midnight Grey’ Optiplex GX150 PC.

‘No consumer is going to want to pay extra for style,’ said a spokesman.

Starting at $799, the Optiplex GX150 includes an 866Mhz Pentium III processor, 64Mb PC133 SDRam and a 10Gb hard disk drive. Monitors are extra.

Dell believes business users will also be won over by the fact that no tools are needed to open the chassis to add extra components such as storage.

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