Overseas hunt for evaders declared

Link: EU confiscation plans get UK backing

According to the Revenue, would-be tax dodgers will now be specifically targeted as commissioners and the Special Projects Unit will adopt a ‘follow the money’ approach to find evaders. A spokesman said: ‘The message is: wherever you try to go, we will find you and shut you down.’

The move is tied in with the new Extradition bill, following a EU directive, and is currently at its third reading in the House of Commons. The bill will mean a warrant issued in the UK can be applied throughout the EU.

Last week, a director who fled the country after defrauding the Revenue of more than £2m in tax was extradited. John Lillie of Prospect Hill, Swindon, was originally charged in April 1996 in connection with a tax fraud relating to Butter Oil UK, the company which he ran.

He and two other company directors were found guilty and fined, but Lillie fled. He was found in Spain but, because of the red tape, his extradition took a ‘number of years.’ He was jailed last week following a hearing at which he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud the Inland Revenue.

The spokesman confirmed there were ‘a large amount’ of cases in the pipeline as part of their wide-reaching crackdown but added he could not give details of the numbers or amounts at this stage.

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