Revenue criticised over SA ‘fiasco’

Institute officials believe compensation should be given to any taxpayers who have lost out financially as a result of failures in the system.

Last week the Revenue admitted computer problems meant that a significant backlog had developed but said its national IT section was trying to tackle the problem.

The calls for compensation followed the revelation that the Revenue computer crash ‘fiasco’ could leave millions of people out of pocket as tax rebates are delayed – leaving taxpayers without the interest on their money.

Chas Roy-Chowdhury, ACCA head of taxation, said: ‘Yet another year of self-assessment and another IT problem. We wonder when the Revenue will stop making excuses and get its systems working properly.

‘The most galling thing is that it will never allow taxpayers any slack where they have problems in getting their returns in on time or being able to pay the full amounts of tax when due’.

He added: ‘This latest fiasco should at least make the Revenue more sympathetic to hard-working taxpayers who deserve nothing less than an efficient system able to deal with the data it receives’.

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