Andersen team turns back on Deloitte

Link: Andersen special report

Despite Deloitte acquiring Andersen’s business in the UK, David Cullenwill, head of the Andersen practice, will be joined by eight of his former colleagues to form the core of the new team at public sector specialist HEDRA.

Andersen’s UK government practice was thrust into the national spotlight earlier this year as critics claimed the discredited firm had an ‘unusually close’ relationship with the Labour government. At the time Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Matthew Taylor demanded a full-scale inquiry into New Labour’s links with Enron and Andersen to investigate whether there had been reasonable grounds for awarding the firm multimillion pound Whitehall contracts.

The firm was forced into rapid rebuttal mode and issued a statement saying that it did only a ‘relatively small amount of government work compared to our competitors’.

As well as working on delivering e-government at a national level, HEDRA has also worked on local government projects ranging from corporate call centres to DKTV, an interactive digital television platform for local government.

Cullen, who becomes director of local government services at HEDRA, said: ‘We wanted to join a company where we could develop and expand our strengths in e-government, and develop our strategic approach to partnerships, while retaining the team dynamic and expertise.’

HEDRA managing director David Millard said: ‘The fact that they chose to join HEDRA instead of one of our competitors is testament to the strength of our offering.’

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