Meet the team at Accountancy Age.

Damian Wild, Editor[QQ] In overall charge of Accountancy Age and editorial, Damian sets the editorial agenda for the paper and the site and is responsible for the content of both. He has been with Accountancy Age for two years and was previously news editor. Damian can be reached by phone on 020 7316 9237 or by email at

Liz Loxton, Deputy editor

Responsible for features, our new section two, Networking, and the day-to-day running of Accountancy Age. Contact Liz on 020 7316 9611 or

Chris Quick, News editor

Chris is responsible for Accountancy Age’s news and analysis coverage.

Call Chris on 020 7316 9233 or email

Gavin Hinks, Deputy news editor

Gavin covers tax, edits the opinion pages and writes on environmental and social accounting issues. He also looks after Taking Stock. Contact Gavin on 020 7316 9242 or

Alex Miller, Technology editor

Responsible for the new technology page and e-business coverage, Alex also commissions the monthly technology focus, our IT-related supplements and can be reached on 020 7316 9808 or

Adriana Zea, Reporter

Adriana joins the team next week to edit our business week page and cover business and our business recovery page. She can be reached on 020 7316 9359 or at

Philip Smith, Reporter

As well as editing our monthly corporate finance page Philip writes our weekly web review page, covers public sectors issues and issues affecting small and medium size accountants in practice. He also contributes to our quarterly charity and public sector page. He can be reached on 020 7316 9245 or at

Michelle Perry, Reporter Michelle covers Europe, fraud and charities and also writes on accounting and audit issues. She edits our new monthly audit page and contributes to our quarterly charity and public sector page.

She is contactable on 020 7316 9807 or

Matthew Gerry, Online editor

Matthew looks after editing and development of Accountancy He is the main point of contact for news, links and services on the website. He also writes on writes on changes on the site in Accountancy Age. He can be reached on 020 7316 9502 or at

Larry Schlesinger, Content developer

Larry writes news and features for Accountancy and designs the graphics that appear on the site. He can be reached on 020 7316 9557 or at

… and the production team

Puneet Chahal Production editor Puneet is responsible for all aspects of production on Accountancy Age.

She can be reached on 020 7316 9238 or at

Jo Hazel Deputy production editor Jo looks after page production and the running of the production desk.

020 7316 9839

Nicholas Smith Sub-editor Nicholas also works on the production desk and picture research.

020 7316 9649

Lois Fettis Editorial assistant Lois looks after picture research, the people page and editorial support.

She is on 020 7316 9236

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