MPs calls for blanket VAT air ticket charge

The Environmental Audit Committee has called for VAT be imposed on all
international air tickets from Britain and the rest of the European Union in an
attempt to reduce greenhouse gases, despite the threat of protests from airlines
and passengers.

Adding VAT on the cost of an air ticket would add 17.5% to the price.

This call follows new environmental figures, which show that transport is the
only sector for which carbon emissions were higher in 2004 than 1990, when the
levels were last measured.

Emissions from international flights rose by an massive 111% compared with
road transport which rose by only 10%.

The committee has also called for Air Passenger Duty – frozen in the last
five Budgets – to rise from its average of £15, The Times reported.

Flights within Europe are predicted to double by 2020 and triple by 2030.

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