Former ICAS chief to chair CIoT’s disciplinary board

Former ICAS chief executive Des Hudson is back influencing the accountancy
profession – as chairman of the
Disciplinary Board

Hudson, currently
chief, has been appointed on a four year term by the CIoT
and ATT, beginning 1 November. He takes over from Vicki Harris.

“His stature and experience will strengthen public confidence in the Board’s
independence and tax professionals’ confidence in the fairness of the Board’s
proceedings,” said CIoT president Andrew Hubbard.

Hudson was well known in his role at ICAS, when the institute railed against
the ICAEW’s proposals to rename itself the ICA.

He had previosuly blown out his impending job at ACCA as chief executive, to
take up the same role at the Scotitish institute.

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