KPMG’s tax department implements four day week

Big Four firm KPMG has rolled out a four day week in its tax department with
over 200 employees now working the reduced hours.

The firm has said that although it has rolled out the four day week in its
tax department, to around 10% of its tax workforce, KPMG as yet has no plans to
reduce the working week in other departments.

A spokesman for the accountancy giant said: ‘Each part of the firm will
implement the reduced week as and when it is needed.’

‘More people will come on as the year progresses’ he added.

The number of UK employees is less than 2% of the national workforce but the
firm has said it expects more people in its tax department to move to lesser
working hours later this month.

KPMG received a 85% vote from employees to reduce the working week to combat
redundancy cuts.

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