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Q: Has Microsoft’s acquisition of Great Plains surprised you?[QQ] A: Yes, I was shocked and very surprised by the move. I don’t yet fully understand why they have gone for it. However, the price I like and was very impressed with.

Q: As the price of Great Plains impressed you, would you consider selling SU? A: No, we are not for sale and are certainly not looking for bidders. However GP’s price has confirmed my view that we are underpriced.

Q: What is your opinion of the anti-trust letter sent to the US Department of Justice?

A: I’m sure Microsoft will remain prudent and will not wish to get involved with anti-trust issues. Microsoft has several big issues already on its agenda. Systems Union is in competition with Oracle but we still use its software.

Q: Do you believe there will be a multitude of acquisitions this year?

A: Following last year’s activities that would seem to be the trend.

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