Millennium bug problem pages on confidential internet site

It is called the KPMG/BBA Year 2000 Discussion Forum for Year 2000 date failures.

Information will be collated world-wide from a wide variety of public and private sources, including official government websites, news agencies, local KPMG staff and individual organisations.

The new millennium will start at 1000 hrs GMT December 31st in the Christmas Islands. According to a recent report by the Central Intelligence Agency, countries most at date change risk over the following 24 hours include Russia (1200 hrs to 2100 hrs GMT December 31st), China 1600 hours, India 1630 hours, Indonesia 1700 hours, Ukraine and Egypt 2200 hours.

The Forum will be available until the beginning of April 2000 and will include the critical leap year period. It is free to existing subscribers to the KPMG / BBA Year 2000 Research Centre. These represent a significant number of the Fortune 500 companies.

A significant feature of the Forum is that it is a closed group, which means that major date-change incidents can be notified to the business community in confidence.

The website can be found at A subscription to the main Research Forum is £2000 for a single user.

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