Revenue sends tax demand to frontline

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The soldier, an infantry officer with the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment, was sent a reminder from the Cardiff office demanding outstanding tax, Accountancy Age has learned. The notice reached his tent in Kuwait on the day war began.

Stuart Jones, director of Three Counties Accountancy, said his client was struck by a moment of ‘panic’ and that he was ‘more frightened of the Inland Revenue than the Iraqis’.

Jones went on to say that the outstanding amount of tax owed by the soldier, although correct at the time of the reminder, will soon be reduced to zero.

The soldier should be freed from any liability, because the Revenue has now been provided with some outstanding information.

A spokesman for the Inland Revenue said the address it has on file for individual clients is the only address it communicates with.

‘We would not have the address of his tent. And neither would we give an instruction for it to be forwarded on,’ said the spokesman. ‘It is reassuring in these troubled times to know that the Inland Revenue still has a sense of proportion,’ said Jones.

It remains unclear how the reminder reached the soldier.

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