Revenue finds itself ‘dead’ wrong

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Doris Ollis, a 74-year old pensioner from Keynsham, received a letter which had the letter ‘D’ – signifying dead – inserted along with her national insurance number and tax code details.

But Ollis said she had never felt better, and had only recently quit her job as a part-time cleaner.

‘When I saw it I just couldn’t believe it,’ she told the Bristol Evening Post. ‘The last time I checked I was very much alive and well.’

The Revenue said it cannot discuss individual cases but it appears the mix up was caused after it received a P45 from Ollis, and got it mixed up with someone of a similar name.

A spokesman for the Revenue was, understandably mortified. ‘We are extremely sorry about the letter sent out in error to our customer and have today unreservedly apologised,’ he said.

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