UK accountants escape Enron extradition

Link:UK bankers face extradition over Enron charges

The three bankers that Judge Nicholas Evans last week ruled could be extradited to the US are the only British citizens that the DoJ is seeking to haul in front of US courts.

There they will face criminal charges over the massive fraud that led to the collapse of former Big Five firm Andersen.

‘There are no other proceedings regarding extraditions from Britain in the Enron case, other than the case of the three British bankers,’ the DoJ told Accountancy Age.

Last week Judge Evans ruled at Bow Street Magistrates court that three former NatWest bankers ð David Bermingham, Gary Mulgrew and Giles Darby ðcould be extradited to the US to face charges of fraud over alleged deals they made with Enron.

The men argued that they had done nothing wrong and should face trial in the UK.

Home secretary David Blunkett will make the final decision on whether the three men will be extradited.

The Enron scandal is still the subject of an investigation in the UK, however.

The Accountants’ Joint Disciplinary Scheme is looking into the role of Lord Wakeham, former non-executive director at Enron and a qualified chartered accountant.

Deloitte, which absorbed the vast majority of Andersen staff following its collapse, was unavailable for comment.

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