Big Five among UK’s best employers

All three firms scored highly for the remuneration and benefits packages they offered, their progressive attitudes, promotional opportunities, training, development initiatives and working environment.

Deloittes commitment to its clients and staff was its outstanding feature.

The firm ‘…dicatates that the business’s main asset is its intellectual capital, hence it takes its commitment to its people very seriously,’ the book said.p>It said that women were better represented than the ‘average’ in the company’s management.

PwC was described as the ‘UK’s largest graduate recruiter’ and the flexibility of employees was seen as key ingredient of success at PwC. In addition, the firm was said to be ‘working hard to e-enable its internal processes’.

And fellow Big Five rivals KPMG was complimented for its ‘shared set of values, with the quality of its staff was seen as it ‘real asset’.

Also getting a mention on the list were the Inland Revenue for it reputation in government as a ‘high performing organisation’ and finance outsourcing company Xansa for its ‘energetic attitude’. Accenture was described as the world’s most prestigious consultancy.

In drawing up the list of Britain’s Top Employers the Corporate Research Foundation said that while none of the organisations profiled claimed to be perfect grasping for improvement was not an activity they shirk.


Following in their parents’ footsteps

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