IT News in Brief – 26 February

Year 2000 delay call

Year 2000 guru Robin Guenier last week backed the call to delay economic and monetary union to give companies more time to prepare systems for the millennium. ‘Europe is imposing an unnecessary and dangerous burden,’ he warned and pointed out that while the euro can be deferred, 2000 cannot. Guenier echoed comments the week before, when KPMG global head of consultancy Alan Reid advised the government to lobby for a delay to EMU.

Fast online company infor

ICC Information, based in London, has introduced an online company search facility called Juniper XD that is said to be able to deliver the results to the user’s PC within 90 minutes. Juniper XD links to ICC’s Image Bank of every UK statutory document filed at Companies House. The results can be delivered online, by fax, courier or post.

Calculate interest

SpaceHeights, a specialist accountancy software developer based in Weymouth, has developed a program that calculates annual percentage rates and credit charges from most repayment schemes. Called Jack-APR, the software costs #199.

Software for credit risk

At the other end of the scale for debt management, Neural Technologies based in Petersfield has developed Decider, an ‘advanced modular adaptive network’ program that helps bank managers decide who is a good or bad credit risk. Neural claims that in trials the program helped reduce bad debts by 10-30%.

Fax advice from APT

Automated Payment Transfer (APT) of West Wickham has launched a Fax Remit package that automates remittance advice procedures. The PC software is compatible with most accounts systems and faxes advice notices direct to the recipients. APT claims Fax Remit can reduce the cost per remittance to 4.2p. Details from 0181 777 9776.

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