Ex-Enron CE appeals conviction

Enron’s former CE, Jeffrey Skilling, will tomorrow appeal his conviction
using notes written by the former CFO, Andrew Fastow, refuting earlier evidence
that the two discussed illegal accounting manoeuvres.

Skilling is expected to bring the new evidence gathered from the files of
federal prosecutors, in an effort to also show that there are so many
inconsistencies that he ought to be exonerated.

If the court is convinced, Skilling could avoid serving his 24-year sentence,
given in 2006 when he was convicted on 19 counts which included fraud, insider
trading, lying to accountants and conspiracy in connection with Enron’s

Skilling is expected to use 400 pages of notes, handwritten by Fastow. His
legal team claim that the notes undermine trial testimony of Fastow, a star
witness for prosecutors in the case against Skilling.

But the Justice Department disputes that the notes contain new information.

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