Oracle moves closer to Sun Microsystems acquisition

Financial software provider, Oracle moved a step closer to finalising the
acquisition of Sun Microsystems as it began “constructive talks” with the
European Commission this week.

Oracle put forward its proposals for a component of Sun Microsystems, MySQL,
ahead of the due date set by the EC, which is thought to have alleviated the
anti-competitive concerns from the Commission.

The software giant announced any customer that wanted access to MySQL would
not have to sign up to a commercial licence reported

A statement from the EC said: “The announcement by Oracle of a series of
undertakings to customers, developers and users of MySQL is an important new
element to be taken into account in the ongoing proceedings. In particular,
Oracle’s binding contractual undertakings to storage engine vendors regarding
copyright non-assertion and the extension over a period of up to five years of
the terms and conditions of existing commercial licences are significant new

Oracle made a bid for Sun Microsystems, the fourth largest maker of servers,
earlier this year with an offer worth an estimated $7.4bn (£4.56bn).

Although the software giant has already been told by the US Justice
Department that the acquisition does not breach anti-competitive rules, there is
much speculation over what the EC will do.

A decision on the merger from Europe is expected on 27 January 2010.

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