Tait Walker and Sapphire strike forensic IT deal

Accountancy firm Tait Walker has signed a deal with security consultancy
Sapphire to keep up with the growing demand of its forensic accounting

The businesses have entered a partnership which will see Sapphire provide
forensic IT services such as extracting evidence from hard drives, servers and
emails. Tait will provide interviewing and investigative services to clients.

The two companies have worked together previously with Sapphire calling in
Tait if it needed support in investigating and interviewing employees. Tait has
previously brought in Sapphire on cases that involved where evidence may have
been stored on hard drives, emails and servers.

John Morrison, managing director at Sapphire said: ‘The relationship between
the two organisations has allowed us both to make the most of our areas of
expertise, particularly as we share complementary skills and values which mean
we can provide a comprehensive UK-wide service against fraud and corporate

Tait Walker currently has no internal expertise in forensic accounting
software prior to this deal but will now be able to take on projects involving
fraud, commercial disputes, insurance claims and anti-money laundering.

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