The Friday afternoon challenge

Sitting in the office at TS towers, bashing out this piece for you, dear
readers, with the sun shining brightly outside on a Friday afternoon is proving
a bit of a challenge to us. The question remains whether we’ll be able to get to
the end of the piece before we shoot off to the nearest beer garden.

Taking Stock

But we’re not the only ones who have a tough task ahead of us. Take E&Y
partner Peter Forbes, for example. He’s got just 10 minutes to go through the
125 year-history of the ICAEW at its
. Having seen the work of the Reduced Shakespeare
Company, we’re expecting something equally as funny.

A challenge of a different sort comes with helping out a company that deals
exclusively in snakes, spiders and assorted
. If we worked at Moore and Smalley, we would have run a
mile in an instant.

From challenges to competition winners. Congratulations to PwC, who’ve won a
special TS award. If you want to know what it is, have a look
. Fear not accounting firms slow off the mark, we’ll be running the
competition again next year. We might even think of a prize by then.

Finally, the imagined waft of sweet-smelling beer passes under TS’s nostrils
for the umpteenth time this afternoon and we can resist no more. We bid thee
farewell for another week and take our leave.

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