VAT fraud cases pour into courts

The level of fraud in the UK has conitinued to climb over the six months to
June, with more than 100 new cases hitting the UK courts during the period, KPMG
has found.

Carousel fraud was by far the most significant contributor to the case load.
Four caorusel fraud cases worth £440m came to the courts, with the single
largest case valued at £250m alone.

The KPMG’s forensics arm, which monitors the number of fraud cases on its
, found that for the fourth six-month period in a row,
more than 100 fraud cases worth £100,000 or more have come to court, with their
value up about by £594m for the third time over that period.

This is a higher value in six months than in the whole of 2000, 2001, 2003 or

‘The recent trend now looks unmistakable,’ said Hitesh Patel, a director at
KPMG forensics. ‘The amount of fraud coming to court has undergone a step-change
over the last couple of years, and these high levels look like they are here to

Patel said the deluge of cases showed that fraud was being detected and
prosecuted, which was a positive sign, but expressed concern over the
possibility that the high number of prosecutions indicated that more fraud was
being committed.

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