KashFlow to burn rivals products

KashFlow, the online accountancy technology company, is offering one year’s
free subscription to potential customers. The catch is they have to send in the
rivals products so it can build a bonfire out of them.

Duane Jackson, managing director and founder of KashFlow said: ‘We’ll give
SMEs our software for free if they send us their copy of Quickbooks or Sage –
which we’ll then use to build a bonfire.’

KashFlow has said that it is running the campaign until the end of April and
the product must have been bought prior to March this year.

Simon Black, managing director of Sage online said: ‘Competitors will run
these kinds of tactics from time to time.’

‘In a typical month we will get thousands of new customers that see the value
of Sage and sign up, we are very proud of that’ he added.

Sage started a free product on New Year’s Day, Sage Invoicing, which has had
over 5,000 customers sign up.

‘We always advise customers to look at what they need for their business when
looking at accountancy products it’s vital they have a trusted and reliable
supplier – in this time more than ever’ added Black.

Kashflow has said their reasons for the latest sales pitch is because
companies may find it easier in this economic climate to ‘stick to inferior
software rather than pay a monthly fee’, and that some customers may have been
‘tricked’ into buying software that was too ‘difficult’ to use.

Currently the company is only accepting Sage, TAS, MYOB, and Quickbook

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