Software – Computron software goes 4th

US developer Computron has announced the ‘death of the application’ with the promotion of its new accountancy and business software, writes John Stokdyk.

Visiting the UK to launch the latest version, vice-president of marketing for Computron’s financial, budgeting and expenses software Rob Nishi explained that the company had shifted its focus away from the traditional approach – where software is built around specific ledgers and modules.

Instead, Nishi said, ‘Computron has used such applications as a basis, and streamlined business processes so accountants can use the best methods.’

Based around a set of process templates for budgeting, expense management, procurement and revenue collection, the software includes a graphical interface, workflow controls and a simulation module. The typical cost for a company moving a 200-user system to Computron would be #300,000 to #500,000.

Computron has a number of multinational clients, including Federal Express, EMA and Greenwich NatWest but, following a period of financial instability, has so far failed to make a dent in the UK. It plans to concentrate on vertical markets such as finance, insurance, transport, utilities and professional services.

Version 4.1, due in September, will support euro transactions. ‘Whatever the final outcome of monetary union, we have software flexible enough to cope with clients’ timescales,’ Nishi said.

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