Taking Stock – The bare-faced streak of it.

Like rainy days and Morris dancers, streakers are now part of the fabric of English summers. But to date exhibitionists have favoured top sporting arenas such as Edgbaston or Twickenham, as venues for their 30 seconds of fame.

But as a the second innings of a cricket match between a team from the Revenue’s Nottingham office and the village of Hoveringham began to labour, a young lady felt this was her moment to strike.

Appropriating a child’s quad bike, the naked woman tore through bewildered fielders, allowing a fleeting investigation of her assets, before parking her vehicle by the wicket.

If it was her intention to distract the Revenue team from its taxing task, then she failed as the bowlers’ line with the new ball remained completely unaffected by her untimely diversion.

Such incidents are rare in the small village of Hoveringham and leads TS to muse whether visits by the Revenue often trigger outbursts of disrobed joy.

There was more nudity this week. Maybe it was a brush with the Revenue that caused David Ellis to embark on his naked crusade. A self-confessed rollercoaster addict, the CIPFA qualified accountant has added a new dimension to his hobby – riding in the nude.

Ellis, principal accountant for Waveney District Council, wasn’t worried about being exposed to colleagues. ‘They’ve seen it all before,’ he told us.

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